verb (t) /sɜˈveɪ / (say ser'vay), /ˈsɜveɪ / (say 'servay)

1. to take a general or comprehensive view of.
2. to view in detail, especially to inspect or examine formally or officially in order to ascertain condition, value, etc.
3. to determine the form, boundaries, position, extent, etc., of, as a part of the earth's surface, by linear and angular measurements and the application of the principles of geometry and trigonometry.
4. to collect sample opinions, facts, figures or the like in order to estimate the total overall situation.
verb (i) /sɜˈveɪ / (say ser'vay), /ˈsɜveɪ / (say 'servay)
5. to survey land, etc.; practise surveying.
noun /ˈsɜveɪ / (say 'servay) (plural surveys)
6. the act of surveying; a comprehensive view.
7. a formal or official examination of the particulars of something made in order to ascertain condition, character, etc.
8. a statement or description embodying the result of this.
9. a determining of form, boundaries, position, extent, etc., as of a part of the earth's surface, by linear and angular measurements, etc.
10. an organisation or body of persons engaged in such an operation.
11. the plan or description resulting from such an operation.
12. a partial poll or gathering of sample opinions, facts or figures in order to estimate the total or overall situation.
phrase /ˈsɜveɪ / (say 'servay) Nautical
13. built to survey, (of a boat) inspected at every stage of construction by relevant marine authorities rather than once on completion.
14. in survey, issued with a valid certificate of survey.
{Middle English surveie(n), from Old French surveier, from Latin super- super- + vidēre see}
surveyable, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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